Maysville, missouri

Article 1, Section 32 of the Missouri State Constitution guarantees that crime victims have the right to:

  • Be present at all criminal justice proceedings at which the defendant has such right

  • Be informed and heard at guilty pleas, bail hearings, sentencing's, probation revocation hearings and parole hearings

  • Be informed of trials and preliminary hearings

  • Restitution

  • The speedy disposition and appellate review of cases

  • Reasonable protection from the defendant or any person acting on behalf of the defendant

  • Information concerning the release, escape, recapture or death of the accused while in custody or confinement

  • Information about how the criminal just system works, the rights and availability of services and information about the crime

The rights of crime victims are further established and defined in the Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 595.209.

DeKalb County Victim Services Program

The main function of the Victim Advocate is to help crime victims in DeKalb County.  The creation of this program has provided the DeKalb County legal system with a vital agency that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of all victims of crime.  The Advocate's job is to recognize victims' rights, empower and engage victims, link victims to the best resources, and to educate and communicate to victims the procedure of the criminal justice system and other systems involved so they may be better prepared to contribute to the process. These services are available for any victim referred to the program.  The overall goal is to better serve the crime victims in the DeKalb County area by helping them to understand the system and their rights as a victim.

Your Rights as a Crime Victim