If you are the victim of a crime, or have witnessed a crime, then go to the nearest police station or if there is an emergency call 911.

1. If you are within the city limits of a city go to the city police department. For example, if in Cameron go to the Cameron Police Department. If you are in Maysville go to the Maysville Police Department.
2. If you are outside of the city limits go to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department.
3. If you are not sure whether you are in the city limits or not please call 911 or one of the police departments listed below, or go to the nearest police station or the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department.


DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

109 W Main

Maysville, MO 64469

(816) 449-5802

Cameron Police Department

101 N Chestnut

Cameron, MO 64429

(816) 632-6521

Maysville Police Department

200 N Camden Street

Maysville, MO 64469

(816) 449-2185

Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop H

3525 N Belt Hwy

St. Joseph, MO 64504

(816) 387-2344


1. When giving a police report be very detailed and tell them everything you remember about the person, incident or situation.
2. Background facts may be important so share them briefly and allow the officer to ask questions.
3. Give information about where the suspect(s) lives or works if known to you.
4. Do not guess. If you do not remember what something or someone looked like just say you don’t remember.
5. Tell the police if you feel you are in imminent danger.


1. If you feel you are in immediate danger find somewhere safe. Go to a shelter or a family or friends home. If your situation meets the requirements, you may wish to seek an Order of Protection through the circuit court.
2. If you learn any information after making your initial police report, report the additional information to the police.
3. You may be contacted by the prosecutor’s office regarding charges that have been filed. You may be Subpoenaed to testify as to what you have seen or been through.
4. It is important to be cooperative with the police and prosecutor’s office for the protection of you and citizens of the community.

File a Police Report

Maysville, missouri