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What do I do if I can not afford to hire a private attorney?
Contact the Missouri State Public Defender's Office at: 500 Youssef Drive, Chillicothe, Mo 64601, (660) 646-3343, or Applications can be found HERE.

What do I do if I think I have been the victim of a crime?
Contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. If it is an emergency, contact 911. Tips of filing a police report can be found HERE.

What do I do if I think I have a warrant?
Go to your local law enforcement agency and inquire within.

I received a ticket for not having my proof of insurance, but I am an insured driver. What do I do?
Mail, fax, or bring in your proof of insurance and a copy of your ticket as soon as you can. You may also submit your Proof of Insurance HERE. The proof of insurance must be for the vehicle on the ticket and show that it was in effect when the ticket was received. If the proof of insurance is not provided to our office prior to 48 hours before the scheduled court date, then you will have to appear in court.

I am scheduled to be in court and I can not make it. What do I do?
Contact the DeKalb County Circuit Clerk's Office at (816) 449-2602 or (816) 449-5400. Failure to appear can and often does result in a warrant for your 
arrest. If a warrant is issued, go to your local law enforcement agency for more information.

I owe for Delinquent Taxes and the Department Of Revenue told me to contact he Prosecutor.
Call our office to set up a payment plan or to get a payoff quote. Money Orders should be made payable to the "Missouri Director of Revenue" and mailed to our office for processing. Due to Department of Revenue policy, we are not to accept payments less than $50 and a payment plan can not extend longer than 24 months.

What do I do if I received notice that I have a bad check in your office?
If you are unable to make payment in full in the time frame provided in your notice of bad check, then contact our office immediately. We will normally grant a time extension if needed. However, failure to make payment arrangements with our office will result in the filing of criminal charges. Payment Information may be found HERE.

I mailed you a payment for my bad check (or delinquent tax) and I did not receive a receipt. Why is this?
We only mail receipts if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided with the payment.

Why is there more than one total listed on my notice of bad check?
When paying a bad check case, there will be a total for each individual merchant. This will include the face value of the check(s) plus a $25 fee per check. 
There will be a separate total for prosecution and MOPS fees. These extra fees are set by Missouri Statute. Please refer to the "Make a Payment" tab for information regarding acceptable forms of payment.

Who do I contact for an Order of Protection?
Joni Ignatenko, DeKalb County Victim Advocate, can assist with all Orders of Protection. You may contact her at (816) 449-2083.

My ex was ordered to pay child support and has not made payments. Isn't this a crime?
The 43rd Circuit is very lucky to have a Prosecutor that specializes in Non-support cases. Her name is Micha Dixon and she can be reached at (816) 

Who do I contact if I know of someone who is violating their probation?
If you believe that someone is in violation of the terms of their probation, you may contact their probation officer. Felony Probation is supervised by Probation and Parole. Misdemeanor probation  and bond supervision are supervised by the 43rd Judicial Circuit's Supervision Services. They may be reached at (816) 583-1050. If the way in which the terms of probation are being violated is a crime, please contact a law enforcement agency to report it. 

I received a subpoena to appear in court. Do I have to go?

I am the victim of a crime. Do I need to go to court?
It is your choice whether or not to be present. The only time you MUST appear is if you receive a subpoena.

Can I speak with the Prosecutor about a case if I am the defendant?
It is the policy of our office that the Prosecutor only discuss your case with your attorney or in the courtroom in front of the Judge.

How do I know when my court date is?
You may contact the Circuit Clerk's Office or check online at Case.Net.

Frequently Asked Questions